In vacanze

Ieri sera ho sognato in italiano. Le vacanze devono essere vicine!

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A confection by any other name …

Potremmo andare a prenderci un gelato
We could take a drive, get some ice-cream.

I looked up the word gelato on my handy smart phone translation software and this is the first example it gives. Although gelato is a word every English speaker will understand, it seems that is just means ice-cream. Continue reading

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I will be the first to admit that my progress with acquiring a respectable grasp of Italian is sporadic at best. I can get the gist of a piece of simple written text by reading very slowly. The more complicated requires a dictionary. If someone speaks to me … slowly … I get the general meaning of the words. Once they get into the full flow though … forget it. I might as well be listening to Russian. I don’t have enough vocabulary to say more than the usual tourist needs without elaborate preparation but what conversation is prepared beforehand. That is a speech not a conversation. Continue reading

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Parlo italiano!

I have gone past the half way point of my stay in Italy and my thoughts have turned to finding small gifts to take home to my family to assure them that I really have thought about them while I was enjoying my “Me” time. The upshot of this is that I have to sometime go into shops that are not on my usual round. Continue reading

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