A Spin Around the Block

When a friend in Sydney suggested that I have been spending a bit too much time doing indoor things like visiting museums and galleries I decided that maybe I should take a bit of a walk around the block today. It took me 5 hours and I covered just on 7 kilometres. In that 7 kilometres, I found many things to engage my interest. Continue reading

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Musei in Firenze – un elenco (Museums in Florence – a list)

Amongst the many Twitter feeds that I subscribe to is one generated by The Florentine Weekly, an English language newspaper which alerts visitors and expats to the current goings on in la bella citta. Usually I read the first few pages which have stories about what is going on. I drool for a short time and then move on to my next task. Continue reading

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The Great Beauty

Last year I made one of my now rare visits to the cinema to see an Italian film entitled The Great Beauty. This film won an Academy award for Best Foreign Language Film, which is about the highest award it could achieve, given the academy regards any film not in ‘American English’ as foreign language. Continue reading

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Random thoughts

  • Note to self – if the conditions for free entry say that you should have photo ID then make sure you have it. Continue reading
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Gelato quest

Vivoli – via dell’Isola delle Stinche
The locals will tell you that this is the best gelato in Firenze but I don’t agree. It is a bar as way where you can get a coffee and pastry. The gelato is pretty good and there is a variety to select from. The price is competitive. Make your own assessment to see if you agree with the locals.

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The little things

Unlike the people who write some of my favourite blogs about Firenze who live here for six months or more each year, I have four short weeks to observe and enjoy all of the things that this city has to offer. The big picture things are the ones that continually capture my eyes and my imagination, things like the art in the Uffizi, the Academia and Palazzo Strozzi, or the architecture of the Duomo and the Palazzo Vecchio. There is always something that I haven’t observed carefully on a previous visit which clammers for brain space. Continue reading

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Geocaching a Firenze (caccia al tesoro!)


Cache containing the log book

Durante un vacanza a Firenze a 2010 ho cominciato un passatempo nuovo e ho scoperto un metodo nuovo trovare le zone interessante della città alla stesso tempo. Ho scoperto Geocaching.

During a holiday in Florence in 2010 I began a new hobby and found a new way of seeing interesting parts of the city at the same time. I discovered Geocaching.

Geocaching è una caccia al tesoro gioco che usa GPS per trovare i recipienti piccole che altri giocatori hanno nascosto. è le storie interessante che l’altri giocatore raccontano del nascondigli che sono divertente. Firenze ha tanti posti nascosto interessante che i touristi vedono mai.

Geocaching is treasuring hunting using GPS to find small containers placed by other players. The real treasure isn’t the trinkets left in the container. It is the interesting stories that the players tell about the hiding places that they chose. Florence has dozens of interesting, hidden places that the usual tourist never sees.

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