Stop and Smell the Cake

The very best stories capture the reader by involving all of the senses. The ones that I have read about the 1966 flood in Florence focus quite a lot on the smells of the ancient mud, dragged up from the river bottom; on the smell of heating oil released into the water and the smell of decaying animals swept down the river. When I write about my travel adventures, I tend to focus on the visual but very rarely on the what a place smells like and this could be letting myself loose some interesting memories. Continue reading

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Children can surprise you

Today I planned to visit the Palazzo Strozzi which is hosting an exhibition of late 19th and early 20th centuries  ‘religious’ art under the title Divine Beauty from Van Gogh to Chagall and Fontana. Two things come as a surprise in that first sentence. Firstly that I had made a plan of any sort this early in my holiday and secondly, that I chose to look at art work that was not medieval or Renaissance this early as well. These are things that usually happen when I have run out of time and energy. At the same time as I climbed the grand staircase to the Strozzi’s exhibition space, herd of school children can running up the stairs behind me with their teachers and minders. Given that they were RUNNING up the stairs I was getting ready to have my enjoyment spoiled and composing in my head the piece I would write about how children are all the same. Ah, but fair reader … read on! Continue reading

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Picasso e la Moderita Spagnola

It seems that modern art has coined more “…isms” than any other era before it. I wrote this list as I toured the exhibition at the Palazzo Strozzi today and I think that I will be working it all out for a good long time to come.  Continue reading

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Sono tornato in Italia.

I have returned to Italy!

Ho cinque brevi settimane per raccogliere nuovi ricordi da assaporare per il anno prossimo.

Vieni con me sulle mie avventure.

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