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Un pezzo di pizza

What is your favourite type of pizza?

There are lots to choose from. Pizza Margherita in the Italian colours of green (basil), red (tomato paste) and white (mozzarella) and named after the Italian queen for whom it was especially created. Napoletana with the anchovies of the fishing port it is named for.  Some heathens even have Hawaiian pizza, although never here in Italy where the notion of putting pineapple on a pizza is an anathema. Continue reading

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A confection by any other name …

Potremmo andare a prenderci un gelato
We could take a drive, get some ice-cream.

I looked up the word gelato on my handy smart phone translation software and this is the first example it gives. Although gelato is a word every English speaker will understand, it seems that is just means ice-cream. Continue reading

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Gelato quest

Vivoli – via dell’Isola delle Stinche
The locals will tell you that this is the best gelato in Firenze but I don’t agree. It is a bar as way where you can get a coffee and pastry. The gelato is pretty good and there is a variety to select from. The price is competitive. Make your own assessment to see if you agree with the locals.

Continue reading

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More than just seeing

To be enjoyed with all of the senses.

To be enjoyed with all of the senses.

For someone like me who is primarily a visual learner, there is a danger that the experience of being any where, let alone somewhere out of the everyday can be only partly experienced. I often worry that I am missing out on a big part of what there is around me because I spend so much of my energy concentrating on the things that I see. Continue reading

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Are you up for a challenge?

Florentine Street Food

Florentine Street Food

 Italians take food and eating very seriously. They are very rarely seen rushing about the streets with food in their hands. Food is something that should be focused on. Street food outlets are not common but in Florence, especially near the markets at Sant’Ambriogio and San Lorenzo there are mobile food outlets catering to the workers. These vendors, called lampredottai, appear to only sell one or two items but they are very popular with the locals who wait patiently for their turn at the window. Having made their purchases, the customers don’t wander off with their food. They will stand around together, enjoying their lunch. Continue reading

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