Un pezzo di pizza

What is your favourite type of pizza?

There are lots to choose from. Pizza Margherita in the Italian colours of green (basil), red (tomato paste) and white (mozzarella) and named after the Italian queen for whom it was especially created. Napoletana with the anchovies of the fishing port it is named for.  Some heathens even have Hawaiian pizza, although never here in Italy where the notion of putting pineapple on a pizza is an anathema.

A little more research brings up such pizzas as Pizza Prosciutto e Funghi which, as the name suggests, is topped with prosciutto and mushrooms, preferably champignon. Pizza Marinara has always made me think of some sort of seafood so, being allergic to some sorts, I have avoided it. Turns out it is a garlic pizza and may also be be well avoided unless everyone at the table has some. Pizza Capricciosa should also be familiar to pizza lovers. It is what could be likened to a Pizza Supreme where everything at hand is added to the mix. It’s really good if artichoke hearts are included.

Pizzas start out with a pizza dough base and some tomato paste and shredded mozzarella cheese, then the toppings of choice. I prefer my base to be really thin and crispy so I can pig out on the topping. They are then baked in whatever manner is available, preferably in a proper pizza oven so they get the distinctive charcoal marks on the base. Mine usually come out of a box and get heated in the oven, that is, if they do not come with a pizza delivery guy.

IMG_6261My current favourite is Pizza ai Quattro Formaggi(4 cheeses). As well as the mozzarella, the extra four cheeses on this pizza should be pecorino, gorgonzola, groviera and asiago and the result should be almost white. When I think about this type of pizza, my mouth waters with anticipation of the bite of gorgonzola in the mix. Whether or not it is used goes to making my decision about whether or not I go back to the restaurant for a second time. The best one I have ever had was in Rome but I have discovered a little pizzeria in Meadowbank in Sydney that gives it a run for its pizza. The one in the photo was had at a pizzeria on the Piazza Santa Maria Novella, Firenze and was a complete disappointment. The crust was very good but the cheeses just did not come up to standard.

Tell us about your favourite topping and pizzeria, preferably in Italy somewhere. We should all be open to new ideas – just not ham and pineapple on pizzas.


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