Gelato quest

Vivoli – via dell’Isola delle Stinche
The locals will tell you that this is the best gelato in Firenze but I don’t agree. It is a bar as way where you can get a coffee and pastry. The gelato is pretty good and there is a variety to select from. The price is competitive. Make your own assessment to see if you agree with the locals.

Il Cioccolato et il Gelato – Cristian Bedudchi – Mercato Centrale second level
It has a small selection of excellent gelato plus other chocolate products. It is new and well worth a try. Their prices are competitive.

L’Angolo del Gelato – Piazza S. Maria Novella
The product here is made in the back room ‘produzione propria’. They have a small range and some unusual flavours. Try the Riso (Rice). It is very good. Their prices are competitive and servings are generous. Pop into the Museo Nove Cento while you are here if you really need a break from the Renaissance.

Perchè no! – via Tavolini 19r
Totally a gelateria with their own product. It is very popular with the constant stream of young Americans. They have a range of sizes and “How many scoops?” Is met with a hands up shrug. The staff are friendly and cheerful. You have to try the coffee crunch.

Venchi – Piazza del Mecato Nuovo 6/7R
The smell of the chocolate as you walk through the door immediately has you wanting. As well as gelato they have other chocolate products – crepes, loose and boxed chocolates, chocolate spread, hot chocolate. They are more expensive then most and you only get 2 flavours in a medium cup but I would walk over broken glass for a taste.

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