Museo Nove Cento Musings

Ready to give anything a go, once.

I’m not sure that I’m happy that the invention of the camera gave free reign to Modern Art.

I need a little help here.

I don’t think I will ever get an intellectual grasp on what is Post Modernism and don’t tell me that it followed Modernism, either, because that confuses me, too.

I know what I like. Mirandi is OK and I like Filippo de Pisis. Mario Tuzzi is worth a further look.

The occasional meeting with contemporary art makes me long to scuttle back to the Uffizi.

My -ism is naturalism with a liberal dash of classicism. At least Avante Garde isn’t an -ism. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t irritate me.

I would love to have a copy of the montage film that runs in the “Firenze in film” room. Worth walking up to the third floor.

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