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Butterfly mind, I move from interest to interest with the true nature of the Renaissance woman. The black hole of information technology has sucked me into its endless, bottomless depths. It also provides me with an income. Italy had become my destination of choice and the focus of my current passion. The language is challenging me, hence the dual language posts. Renaissance art and architecture keeps me endlessly fascinated and the medieval villages and towns keep my camera busy when I visit for my holidays every year. I am owned by a cat named Meg. Saper vedere. (to know how to see) - da Vinci

The Sixteen Pleasures


Palazzo Antellesi – Photograph by Robyn Smith

Il 4 novembre, 1966 il fiume Arno ha allagato la citta di Firenze dopo tanti giorni di pioggia in la campagna. E stato l’inondazione peggiore che ci sia mai stato in la citta e ha coperto tanti edifici alle secondo piano. Ha danneggiato o ha distrutto tanti libri antico e opere d’arte inestimabili.

On the 4 November, 1966, Florence was inundated by the waters of the Arno River following many days of rain in the surrounding area. The flood is said to have been the worst in the recorded history of the city and covered the buildings up to the second floor. The destruction to priceless works of art and books was unimaginable. There are still markers in many places around the town indicating the top of the flood waters. The Church of Santa Croce has a gallery of photographs taken at the time. Continue reading

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Il mio passione per ogni italiano di cose

Il mio amore per tutte le cose italiano  ebbe inizio alla Galleria di Art di NSW ad una conferenza sull‘Art di Rinascimento dato dal direttore Edmund Capon. Lui parla italiano maniera mervigliosa. Mi fece apprezzare la musicalità dell’italiano. sin dalla sua conferenza decisi che l’Italia sarebbe stata la mia prossima destinazione ed vi sono ritornato poi ogni anno fin da allora. Non ne avrò mai abbastanza di questo paese delle persone, del‘arte, del cibo.

My love for all things Italian began at the Art Gallery of NSW and a lecture on Renaissance Art given by director Edmund Capon. He speaks Italian beautifully. He makes the language sing. By the end of his lecture I had decided that Italy would be my next travel destination and I have returned every year since then. I will never get enough of the country or the people or the art or the food.

Grazie mille per l’aiuto dal persone sul StackExchange – Italian Language. Italic text marks corrections suggested there.

Photograph by Max Dupen

Photograph by Max Dupain

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